Ohio School Rankings Released; Crawford County, Galion Schools Have Somewhat Rough Showing

Thursday brought the release of the very first “top to bottom” ranking of Ohio’s school districts by the Ohio Department of Education. This document was initiated by express language in the recently passed state budget; these numbers will be joined by financial information in the coming year in an effort to provide Ohio taxpayers a glimpse at a return on their investment.

A total of 936 “districts” were rated – however that number also includes charter schools, digital schools, and joint vocational districts. Each district was assigned a performance index number based on criteria exclusively related to testing results.

Crawford County schools occupied positions at or slightly below the middle of the ranking list. Galion City School’s place is at approximately 41% – with 59% of districts ranked higher, and 40% lower.

Those rankings were as follows:

Wynford 372
Buckeye Central 443
Colonel Crawford 509
Galion 548
Bucyrus 613
Crestline 615
Pioneer (not rated)

According to the website State Impact Ohio, a production in part of Naitonal Public Radio, some caution is urged for these figures as only one aspect of performance, testing, is used.

Interestingly, the top three positions in the list – ostensibly the best-testing schools in the state – are all charter schools.

Individual school buildings were also rated. Galion buildings ranked as follows out of a total of 3,457:

Galion High School 1733
Galion Middle School 2146
Galion Intermediate 2477
Galion Primary (not rated)

As noted above, several districts and schools were not rated – but represent only a small fraction of the total.

To access the both ranking lists, click here to visit the website of State Impact Ohio.

Author: GalionLive

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  1. Chris448 says:

    About where I thought it would be, with more than half the schools in Ohio scoring higher. The building results surprised me a bit though, as a couple of those are pretty low.

    The ranking list also has cost per pupil, and Galion’s looked pretty average to me. That’s good!!!