Lifetouch to Add 100 Jobs in Galion

Sad news in Tennessee has resulted in very positive news here in Galion, as Lifetouch has completed the first stage of its reorganization after purchasing the former Olan Mills operation in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

And according to a report published today by Ohio Community Media, it’s coming in the form of 100 jobs for Galion.

As GalionLive shared in November, this purchase was certain to impact the company as it moved forward with increased capacity (click here for our story). The precise impact on any part of the combined company was unknown.

On January 31, Lifetouch announced the closure of the production operations in Chattanooga, with the attendant loss of 383 jobs there. Click here for coverage of that closure in local media there.

This announcement means that a good portion of that production work will now be accomplished in Galion. In fact, the OCM story relays that the local plant capacity will be doubled by the move.

Author: GalionLive

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  1. Pauline Eaton says:

    Happy to hear such good news for Galion!

  2. guest says:

    Except I don’t believe Lifetouch is in the city limits. Just Saying

  3. ThomasatGL says:

    You are right — Lifetouch is not inside of Galion’s corporate limits, so unless the new employees reside inside the city, they will not be paying city income tax. That shared, it is still very good economic news for the city and the area.

  4. Dkafer_agla says:

    Great News for Galion !!!