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Thanks to Galion City Manager Gene Toy, we are able to share some additional insight into the arrival of MedFlight at Galion Municipal Airport.

On February 15, we shared coverage of Galion City Council’s first meeting of the month, including the following:

“The other ordinance authorized Toy to act as the City’s agent in seeking approval from the Richland County Commissioners to annex the house at the Galion Municipal Airport into the City. If approved in Mansfield, the 15-20 jobs created at the new MedFlight operation will contribute to the City’s income tax base.”

This bit of news generated the following reaction by a commenter on GalionLive, calling him or herself, “guest”:

“Was informed this morning that Medflight now has a base in Morrow county.What happened ?”

On Tuesday evening, GalionLive received an e-mail from the Gene Toy, Galion City Manager, who had read that question and wanted to share additional information about the MedFlight-Galion project:

“MedFlght’s plans are very much alive and well. Just this afternoon I participated in their pre-bid meeting with area contractors for renovations and construction that will be necessary for operations at the airport.

The MedFlight helicopter that people see in Morrow County is being what is called “day-based.” It is a small crew that lifts off daily from its current home in Lodi, OH; flies to Morrow County; then goes back to Lodi for the evening. The reason for doing this is for MedFlight to establish a local presence and to become familiar with EMS providers in the local area. The reason that they do not just stay in Morrow County is because that would trigger very extensive state and federal inspections and permitting that are not required when a helicopter is only day-based. They are currently working with Morrow County EMA from the day base in Morrow County.

MedFlight’s plans are to start up operations at our airport by sometime in mid to late-April. At that time the helicopter in Morrow County will no longer be there.”

Author: GalionLive

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