Bird Count Results Announced

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for “birders,” it’s practically a way of life.

Armed with binoculars and often with cameras sporting long zoom lenses, amateur bird watchers can be seen out and about in the rural spaces of Ohio throughout the year — and, on occasion, in urban settings as well.

This past December, GalionLive profiled the upcoming Christmas Bird Count held worldwide by the National Audubon Society. In North and South America, the event helps scientists to better understand how endangered and well-populated birds are faring and which species need urgent care.

The results from December have now been released from the Crawford Park District, sponsor of the local count.

Under the direction of naturalist Warren Uxley, seven volunteers documented in December, taking data in the Bucyrus circle, which has a 15 mile radius. A total of 7,873 birds representing 64 different species were recorded.

Highlights included the first eastern phoebe and horned grebe ever recorded in the history of the Bucyrus count. This was the 112 year of this citizen science effort.

Horned Grebe

Photo: Horned Grebe – Creative Commons License

Author: GalionLive

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