The New Galion Police Blotter

Welcome to the new Galion Police Blotter. This service has been restarted effective September 30.

police blueThis page includes regularly updated information received by the Galion Police Department containing the Department’s daily Dispatch activity. Every attempt has been made to extract any identifying information from these records, and so names, addresses, etc. have been removed (names removed are noted with a [ -- ]). This information is shared with GalionLive by the Department, and we in turn share it with our readers as a way to provide an insight not only in terms of the type of activity in the area which requires law enforcement assistance, but also to inform readers about the efforts the GPD makes every day in order to safeguard and protect the citizens of this community.

Each entry includes the actual Dispatch comments (in CAPS) as well as any disposition notes (in regular letters). NOTE – As of April 26, routine traffic stops, checks on missing persons or those with warrants, etc., will not be included.

Current blotters will be posted regularly, thanks to our new Police Blotter assistant, Shawn Beck. Many thanks to Shawn for helping to allow this regular feature to return to GalionLive.

prosperousbanner3Current Police Blotters

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September 30

October 1

October 2

October 3

October 4 and 5

October 6

October 7 and 8

October 9 and 10

October 11 and 12

October 13-15

October 16-18

Police Blotter Archives

June 26-30

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July 1-2

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July 3-7

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July 8-9

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July 10

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July 12-15

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July 16-18

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July 19-23

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July 24-26

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July 27-29

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July 30 – August 1

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September 17

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